Oct 2019

Module Introduction - Installation


1. Install Node.JS 0.10 or higher

  • Aurora.JS can work with Node.JS. Node is supported on macOS X, Windows, and many flavors of Linux. You can start installing Node.JS from https://nodejs.org/en/download/ and choose the one that compatible for your device.


2. Install Aurora.JS

  • You can install Aurora JS package in your system by using npm install command :

npm i aurorajs-core -g


3. Create New Project

  • To create new folder your project with Aurora JS you can run this command in your command terminal :

aurora new:project my-app
  • Then, cd into the new folder :

cd my-app
  • And, your project is created successfully, to check your project you can run this command :

node ./app.js

If success for installing you can see message Aurora Serve on port 3000